Equitable Parks

We need to be sure that when we’re told we have the best parks in the nation, we truly share in that all across the city. No one in Minneapolis wants to live in a city where the quality of parks can be predicted by nearby race and wealth. The new equity plan offers our city an opportunity to address historical injustice and to lift up a parks system that offers all of our citizens space to flourish. I am committed to a thorough and transparent implementation of that plan.

Fair Labor Practices

We must stop outsourcing union jobs. Workers deserve fair compensation and treatment if we are to expect the professional, innovative work necessary in the number one park system. Cheap contractors cannot afford to properly train workers or to hire those with developed skills. A dollar saved today by pushing aside union labor can cost ten in the future to fix the damage done.

Green Practices

Herbicides and pesticides harm people, pollinators and downstream ecology. After years of reductions, we can eliminate herbicide/pesticide use. We can improve plant and materials selection. And we can listen to our arborists and other professionals to improve tree health and cover across the city.

Climate Action Plan

As our city encounters the effects of climate change today and in the future, our park system must respond. Sticking our heads in the sand is not a solution. What will we leave for our children, grandchildren and the future? We must protect our parks by creating plans that mitigate climate change and adapt to its realities.

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